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About me

Hello, thisistrueuser!
3D, gaming, coding; I do them all, but I don't do good.

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May 15, 2022: Social links redesigned!
                           Shortlink to this website: trer.tk

Apr 9, 2022: Redesigned the thing
                        More design changes soon!

Feb 4, 2022:
Changed the site's colors!
                        Fixed some bugs.
Feb 2, 2022: Changed the site's font.
                        Added Animations!
Jan 6, 2022: Discord link added, updated this page a lil bit
                       Happy (late) new year!
Dec 8, 2021: Updated all embeds, Merry Christmas!
                        Please do not go to secret, I warned you
Nov 20, 2021: Roblox link added
                           Easter egg added
Nov 9, 2021: Most now have signature look
                         This section now exists, I will put site updates here