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Jan 1, 2023 Brought the changelog back to life with basic HTML (i am dumb)
Mobile compability updates
Projects seprerated into categories
New implementation of 25/11/21 easter egg
Jul 27, 2022 Redesigned the layout, took down changelog
May 15, 2022 Social links redesigned!
Apr 9, 2022 Redesigned the thing
More design changes soon!
Feb 4, 2022 Changed the site's colors!
Fixed some bugs.
Feb 2, 2022 Changed the site's font.
Added Animations!
Jan 6, 2022 Discord link added, updated this page a lil bit
Happy (late) new year!
Dec 8, 2021 Updated all embeds, Merry Christmas!
Please do not go to secret, I warned you
Nov 25, 2021 Roblox link added
Easter egg added
Nov 9, 2021 Most now have signature look
This section now exists, I will put site updates here